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We see the process of building as a collective act. For us teamwork is the key to achieving solutions of the highest quality with the most economical means. It will always be at the centre of our approach, whether we are developing the brief with clients, engaging with statutory authorities and communities, pursuing collaborations with artists, fellow professionals and engineers, or finalising the detailed designs with contractors.

We want to achieve ‘more with less’. Innovative thinking and latest technology are an integral part in the development and delivery of our projects. Design solutions gradually emerge through iterative processes taking into account all defining spatial, social, ecological and economic interdependencies. In our view managing available resources efficiently is a necessity to achieve truly sustainable results.

We believe that good design is specific to function and place. For us architecture is not about style, but the product of the values determining our process of decision making – with respect to our own work, with respect to the people for whom we build, and with respect to the world in which we realise our buildings. Without a conscious awareness of individual needs and aspects of social life it is impossible to create buildings of any cultural and personal significance.